Why Tenol Alpha?

Here is a summary of key differentiating factors for considering and engaging Tenol Alpha’ Services – Auditing , Business Advisory & Improvement , ISO Management Systems, Human Resources , Marketing Research ,  Project Management and Training  services. They serve as benefits to our Clients.

  • Experienced Consultants & Auditors: Each consultant deployed has more than 8+ years projects experience that enables you to get the best that the industry has to offer
  • Industry Experiences & Successful Client references: Since 1998, we have experience of delivering successful consulting and certification projects to wide variety of industry including manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, marketing, telecom, banking, utilities, research, facility, food, marine services, healthcare services, software development, card personalization, data center operations, and airline services.
  • Customer Focus: You will be delighted to work with our team of consultants and trainers. Over time, clients have adjudged them to be customer-centric, process driven and attached to clients business, going extra to deliver service and hands on implementation support and advisory services
  • Alliance: Tenol Alpha has built strong alliance with best in class and global leaders in the field of consulting , auditing , certification , marketing research and training services
  • Project management methodology: We manage multiple activities within a project management framework, totally breaking down the structures along line PDCA concepts, requirements and their implementation is driven by a monitoring approach which enables project stakeholders to view the progress of the projects using a simple pre-determined criteria. This enables both the consultants and the client to focus on issues that need resolution immediately and keep project on track. This saves valuable project time, resources and helps achieve projects objectives to time, quality and cost.
  • Reduction of enterprise risk: Every client and every engagement leads to an enterprise value transfer. One such key deliverable is enterprise risk reduction. We guarantee that each engagement brings down your enterprise risk by at least 30%. We drive improvement in your business performance and employees’ contribution
  • Maturity Rating: You can judge the maturity of your implemented processes and certification at the beginning and at the end, we guarantee that you have a quantum leap.
  • Continued Relationship: We build relationship and sustain it even after completion of projects.