Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Tenol Alpha provides support for practical and hands-on implementation of Six-Sigma quality improvement methodologies and Lean principles in service based and manufacturing organizations.

Tenol Alpha can lead you to a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement program to generate successful results--in any size company, business unit or division. We will help you realize the importance of using such a disciplined and structured improvement methodology like Lean Six Sigma quality improvement methodology. We will help you to get started.six sigma

We train leaders in organizations and functional levels to understand how Lean Six Sigma positively impacts organizations and prepare them to implement an effective Lean Six Sigma improvement plan.

We work with your team to deploy lean and six sigma projects across key result areas within strategic focus and objectives of the organization. We will also solve any operational problems or issues you may have in your organization.

With this service, you will be able to achieve efficient processes, improved service delivery to your customers, reduced cost, reduced cycle time, improved internal efficiency, reduced TATs, competitive, improved profitability and customer satisfaction.