Marketing Research

We render marketing research services to provide insightful information that will help clients solve issues and achieve objectives. Our reports will help rejuvenate, build, and reposition brands and businesses.

Whether quantitative, qualitative research methodologies or both, the output of our research projects and efforts, have seen our clients acquire leadership roles in their sectors.

We apply standard practices in research project management, scope definition, design of concepts/objectives, questionnaires, data analysis, and engagement of personnel to run the projects.


We have quality assurance process built into our research projects framework which ensures quality work is done by all and all data is back checked and validated. Quality of our work is assured and research reports are delivered on time.


Tenol Alpha’s marketing research service includes:

Adhoc Studies

Consumer   Research

Social Research

Customer Satisfaction Survey

New Product Testing

Pricing Studies

Product Evaluation Study

Impact Assessment

Awareness and Usage Study

Advert and campaign evaluation

Opinion Poll

Omnibus Survey

Continuous Assessment 

Quality of  Service



The Methodology we adopt, depending on the type of research includes;

Face – to – face interviews

On-line surveys

Mobile survey

Focus group discussions (FGDs)

In-depth interviews (IDI)s

Telephone aided interview


Desk research 



Most common tools in some of our research projects are;

  • Semi/fully structured questionaires
  • FGD Moderating guide 
  • IDI guide
  • Mobile equipment (Andriod phones, tablet, etc)