Supplier Audit & Certification

Tenol Alpha offers supplier audit and supplier certification services.

When an organization is using a number of suppliers, it is imperative for it to have a well-defined selection strategy and consistently assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the suppliers in the supply chain of the organization. risk, continuous process and system improvement.

Tenol Alpha will assist you to develop supplier selection strategy, rating programs, formal reports for continuous suppliers’ improvement.

Our Supplier audit service will lead to supplier certification, standardization, management of risk, continuous process and system improvement.

Supplier performance audits are a critical component of supplier improvement strategies. They provide the information and basis to initiate improvements. Without a systematic performance audit or assessment, changes would be based on intuition rather than on facts.

A sound supplier certification program offers many benefits. The receiving organization can expect benefits from:

• Improved working relationships with suppliers and vendors.
• Improved quality of received goods and services.
• Shared research, development, and training.
• Reduced variation.
• Reduced inventory.
• Reduced need for storage.
• Reduced inspection staff.
• Reduced waste.
• Faster arrival at final destination.
• Reduced prices.
• Increased business and profits.

The supplier benefits because of increased business and long-term commitments that improve its competitive position. In addition, the supplier also benefits from:

• Improved working relationships with the organization.
• Shared research, development, and training.
• Continued and increased business.
• Improved competitive position.
• Increased profits.

The objective of certification is to reduce the total cost of purchased goods and services by improving the supply chain in time, money, and quality.

Our services ensure that these are achieved for both parties in the supply chain.


Supply Chain Security Management System (ISO 28001) Certification Services

Tenol Alpha’s audit services extend to gauge the extent of implementation of best practice standard- ISO 28001 Supply Chain Security Management System (SCSMS) and controls on all areas.

The scope of the services includes the audit of the:

design and planning phase of SCSMS as they address supply chain security policies ,scope, selection of the approaches and methodologies for security risk assessment , security risk management(identification, analysis and treatment) , development of security plan,
implementation phase of SCSMS based on ISO 28001 including the implementation of a documentation management framework , processes and controls, training and awareness program and communication with stakeholders
monitoring , measuring and evaluation of the SCSMS with essential metric and KPIs achievement
SCSMS in readiness for stage (certification ) assessment