Lean Deployment

Tenol Alpha renders consultancy and training services on lean for organizations to improve bottom line, manage cost, remain competitive and improve performance.

If you are looking for an approach that builds on ISO 9001 quality management system standard implementation and certification, or any business improvement initiative, lean thinking can introduce fresh and innovative ways to improve processes. A Lean operation produces just what is needed, when it is needed with no additional labor, costs, inventory, or time

Tenol Alpha consultants will provide you with necessary guidance, support and hands-on skills necessary to apply Lean techniques to reduce waste, improve process efficiency, gain a practical understanding of Lean continuous improvement techniques and how to use them to reduce errors, inventory, and production lead time.

lean thinking


Lean is a tool that helps cut costs and reduces cycle time. Lean can be implemented across your organization. Employees at every level of a company can apply lean strategies 

Lean also helps your company remain competitive, innovative, and profitable in today's business environment, where global competition and demands for price reductions heavily impact management decisions. Implementing lean methods will help you minimize all forms of waste, maximize value for your customers and improve their satisfaction.to improve workplace performance.

Lean thinking is a philosophy and a powerful set of tools designed to eliminate waste from processes. It focuses on what adds value in processes from a customer's perspective. While its roots are in manufacturing, its application is extended to services and administrative functions. Lean thinking provides fast and dramatic results.

We offer training on Lean tools such as 5S, Total Productive Maintenance , Eight Wastes, Mistake Proofing etc