Six Sigma Deployment

Tenol Alpha will provide your organization with hands –on implementation support when you decide to implement six sigma methodologies to improve process and business performance.

We will guide you to understand the benefits and implications of a Six Sigma program and help you relate it to overall business mission and vision. We will teach you how to apply the concept of a sigma level to evaluate capability of processes in your organization and recognize factors that are necessary for successful Six Sigma program.

We will support you to integrate a Six Sigma effort with other process improvement initiatives on-boarded if any.

The Six Sigma project is one that uses appropriate tools within a Six Sigma approach to produce breakthrough performance and real financial benefit to an operating business or company.

six sigma2

Six Sigma projects measure the cost benefit of improving processes that are producing substandard products or services. Whether in manufacturing or service industries, such projects quantify the effect of process changes on delays or rework. The goal of each successful Six Sigma project is to produce statistically significant improvements in processes.

Six Sigma is a process improvement initiative and a method for reducing variation in manufacturing, service or other business processes. The voice of customers is perfectly understood and each business process is assessed for contribution to bottom line and non-value adding processes are discarded. Projects are selected across organization and can be entrenched company wide.

Six Sigma Initiative: The Define Measure Analyze Improve Control (DMAIC) Process (fig.)

We offer comprehensive training for Six Sigma Champion , Six Sigma White Belts (Basic) ,Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belts. Contact us for more detail.