Pandemic Preparedness and Response Training

Take advantage of this complimentary online training course on Pandemic Preparedness and Response by partner, PECB (Professional Examination and Certification Board). This introductory module is entirely free and an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of this timely course.

About This Course

This training course is intended to help participants understand and become familiar with the basic concepts with regard to pandemics and find out how to prepare for and respond to a global pandemic.

This course will discuss pandemics and their impacts, provide information on infectious diseases and pandemics, introduce the common terms related to pandemics, and also mention the potential impacts of a pandemic.

This course is presented in three sections:

(1) Preparing for a pandemic, wherein participants gain knowledge on how to prepare for a pandemic situation as an organisation and the measures that should be taken to minimize the impact on the organization’s operations;

(2) Responding to a pandemic, wherein participants gain knowledge on how to respond to a pandemic, such as activating a pandemic emergency plan, working from home, and social distancing;

(3) Communicating during a pandemic, wherein participants gain knowledge on the purpose of communication, including with whom to communicate, what to communicate, where to communicate, what means to use for communicating, and who is responsible for the communication.

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  • Business continuity managers
  • Members of business continuity teams
  • Crisis response team leaders and members
  • Owners of small and medium sized enterprises
  • Individuals seeking to ensure the continuity of essential processes in an organization during a pandemic
  • Owners, managers, and leaders seeking to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.




  • Get acquainted with the main concepts of pandemic preparedness and response
  • Understand the basic elements of a business continuity plan and how to respond to pandemics




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