Career Enhancement Programme

Tenol Alpha offers career enhancement programmes for young professionals working for major industry sectors in Africa . Human capital is one critical resource of a nation. We remain  committed to the development of human capacity and empowerment of young minds and to support them in attaining competence for current and future jobs.

The programmes . mostly certification programmes , cover key competence areas usually demanded for by the critical industries supporting economic growth around the globe.

Taught programmes are facilitated by experienced professionals in a conducive environment .Delegates have the opportunity of learning core fundamental , principles , basics and concepts which are not taught within the walls of the universities most times but which are needed in a work place and essential for a professional who wants to hit the ground running and competitive in a market place.

Besides , delegates who attend any of these courses relevant to chosen career path will be able to demonstrate knowledge and grow in short time .

The courses run throughout the whole year and are designed for final year students of Universities, Corp Members , post graduate students and young graduates aspiring for relevance,  growth and leadership positions in organizations.

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The above-scheduled courses are for beginners and young professionals who want to heat up their careers in many promising fields. Why re-invent the wheels? 

Start learning now and grow!

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