Auditing Services

Tenol Alpha renders auditing services. With its team of competent and experienced auditors from diverse industries across the globe, professionally conduct audits irrespective of type of audit, to elicit information for management decision making process and provide assurance.

We audit to provide position to set audit objectives within specified and agreed scope.

We refine audit process to bring about improvement in business, relationship and operations management.
Our audit findings provide insight into performance with agreed standards, measure, requirements, best practice and guidelines.

We are thorough and professional.

We serve all sectors such as financial institution , manufacturing , medical services , oil and gas , supply chain management , telecommunication , agriculture , government agencies and parastatals , regulatory and statutory bodies , educational services etc.

The scope of the auditing services covers Product, Process, Risk, Compliance, First party, Second Party ,Third Party , Human Resource , Efficiency , Security , Health Safety and Environment , Material , Integrity , Capacity Utilization , Concept ,Market ,Brand ,Customer Service Standard and Service Quality .

We audit management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 22000 etc.
We carry out readiness audit, mock audits and gap assessment for organizations.

Objectives of Quality Management System audit we conduct based on ISO 9001 will seek to achieve all or any of the following:

• To determine the conformity or nonconformity of quality system elements with specified requirements.
• To determine the effectiveness of an implemented quality system in meeting specified quality objectives.
• To provide an auditee with an opportunity to improve its quality system.
• To meet regulatory or contractual requirements.
• To permit an audited organization’s quality system to be listed in a register.

Our reports are timely and helpful to organizations. They provide accurate, precise, traceable moment of truth.